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Summer Intensive Program

The Summer Intensive is open to students in Grades 2-10, Ages 7-16. Students can enroll for 1 or 2 hours of intensive educational therapy for either or both of two 3-week sessions. Daily sessions are between 9:00AM and 3:00PM.

Program 1: June 20–July 8, 2022
Program 2: July 11–July 29, 2022

Programs One and Two Combined:
June 20–July 29
Six-week Summer Program
$3560: One – 1 hr. session daily
$7235: Two – 1 hr. sessions daily

Either Program One or Two:
June 20–July 8 or July 11–July 29*
Three-Week Summer Program
$1835 or $1950: One – 1 hr session daily
$3670 or $3900: Two 1 hr sessions daily
*Program One excludes the July 4th holiday

Tuition fees include the cost for the end of program progress reports.



What do our kids need for a summer program this year, given the extraordinary times in which we still find ourselves?  There is no single answer to this question.  Reviewing multiple options and selecting the option that best meets the needs of your child is what we recommend for summer planning. One option to consider is Raskob Learning Institute and Day School’s Summer Intensive Program.  The Raskob Summer Intensive is designed to maximize the effectiveness of instruction by making it targeted, individualized, and daily (repeated practice), while keeping overall academic time to a limited number of hours.  In this way our children have the space to more fully care for their physical, social, and mental health through a variety of nonacademic activities, while still making academic gains.   Raskob Summer Intensive will offer 1 to 2 hours of individualized educational therapy daily, for two 3-week programs.  Last year, survey data indicated that both parents and students were very satisfied with the experience.



The Raskob Summer Intensive Program offers one or two hours of daily individual educational therapy targeted to student’s areas of academic need.   Each student will have specific academic goals in reading, writing and/or math that reflect their learning needs and desires.  Instruction will be delivered by Raskob Clinic’s clinicians, who are either credentialed special education teachers or certified educational therapists.  Reading and writing skills will be taught through a variety of structured literacy approaches and math will be taught using Making Math Real and other multisensory approaches.  Attention to the executive function skills of time management, organization, planning, self-regulation, cognitive flexibility, and task initiation and persistence will be woven into the instructional sessions.   Sessions will be designed to build students’ sense of mastery.

As noted, students can sign up for one or two hours of daily educational therapy.  They will be assigned the same clinician for the entire three-week session.  If they enroll in both literacy instruction and math, they may have one instructor for each subject.  There will be two 3-week sessions: June 20–July 8; July 11–July 29. Families can choose either morning or afternoon for 1 or 2 hour sessions, and either one of the two 3-week programs or the full 6-week program.

Clinicians will be on the Raskob campus to deliver services to those students who wish to receive in-person instruction. Sessions will be conducted following all recommended safety protocols (1student, 1 instructor, social distancing, outdoors, if possible, ventilated spaces, masks, shields, etc) as might be required at that time.   Clinicians will also be prepared to serve students virtually for those for whom that is the better alternative.  Families can choose between in-person and remote sessions.


Application information:

Please download and complete this application form and return it to Dr. Esther Cohen at

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The Diagnostic Program offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations. These are conducted by a licensed neuropsychologist, and the assessments cover the areas of cognition, academics, processing speed, executive functioning, memory and social/emotional issues. Testing typically occurs over 2-3 mornings, 8:00-11:30 at the Raskob Clinic.

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What is Educational Therapy

An educational therapist is a professional who combines educational and therapeutic approaches for evaluation, remediation, case management, and communication/advocacy on behalf of children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities or learning problems.

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Day School

Raskob seeks to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of each student while remediating areas of academic weakness in a safe, multi-sensory learning environment. Raskob Day School is a co-educational school for students with language-based learning disabilities.

Dr. Fumiko Hoeft Visits Raskob

Dr. Fumiko Hoeft visited Raskob this January to discuss her latest research. Click here to see more.

Raskob Featured in Parents Press Magazine

Raskob Day School is highlighted in the May 2015 issue of Parents Press Magazine as a school to consider for children with language-based learning disabilities, and is among other prestigious schools that represent a diverse continuum of student need. The article appears on page 23.

Raskob Wins Two "Best of the East Bay" Awards

Parents’ Press has awarded Raskob Learning Institute with two awards for 2014: Best Special Needs Elementary School, and Best Learning Disabilities Specialist. Raskob also earned “Top Pick” for Best Special Needs Camp. See more at

Raskob Parent Featured on KQED-FM's Perspectives Series

Joan Cardellino, a Raskob parent, was the featured commentator on the June 11 edition of the Perspectives series on KQED-FM. Click here to listen to her story of celebrating her daughter’s graduation from middle school.

School of Excellence Hat Trick

Raskob has been named a “School of Excellence” by the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET). This is our third year of earning this distinction.

Raskob’s Partnership with Children’s Hospital Oakland

Since last June, Raskob Learning Institute and Day School has had the pleasure/privilege of hosting pediatric residents from Children’s Hospital Oakland at our site. The doctors, in groups of two or three, come to Raskob to take a tour, and learn about the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities. Their visits are part of a class that they take “Community Advocacy Primary Care Rotation.” Raskob is one of many sites they visit that serve children in the East Bay.

The doctors have been delighted to see the healthy students. In addition, through conversations with Executive Director Edith Ben Ari and Clinic Director Polly Mayer, they learn about the possible “red flags” for learning issues that they may encounter when seeing children in their own pediatric practices and clinics. Some of these symptoms may include a reluctance to go to school, as well as chronic stomach aches and headaches. The doctors are grateful to learn about the issues that arise when children struggle in the classroom, and about the abundance of resources and support available to children and their families in the community.

Each doctor leaves with a folder filled with articles, referral sources, and a brief bibliography of websites and books about learning issues.