Raskob’s Unique Program

Raskob is safe. Raskob is collaborative. Raskob gets your kid.

Raskob Day School is a co-educational school for students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds with language-based learning disabilities. Raskob seeks to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of each student while remediating areas of academic weakness through individualized curriculum and multi-sensory teaching approaches. Raskob’s safe and nurturing environment fosters the academic and social growth of each child. By participating in Raskob’s program, students experience success and recognize themselves as learners.

What are people saying about Raskob?

“Raskob Learning Institute has lifted my daughter’s self-esteem by organizing how she approaches studying, writing, reading & math.” 

Raskob Parent


“I was bullied before coming to Raskob.  Now I have tons of friends that stand up for me.”

—4th Grade Raskob Student


“To me Raskob means finding a way to change my disability into an ability.” 

8th Grade Raskob Student


“At my old school, I didn’t get treated very kindly. This school is amazing because the they teach you the way you need to be taught, and the teachers are flexible.”                —6th Grade Student


“I feel like I am ready for high school.  I know what I need to do to get help, and I know I can do it.”

—8th Grade Raskob Student


Raskob is a division of Holy Names University (HNU). We are fully integrated into HNU and Raskob staff and students benefit in many ways. Raskob students enjoy the use of HNU’s gym and pool, as well as have access to the HNU library and computer labs. Currently all candidates for certification in the educational therapy program complete internships at RLI and many go on to acquire employment at the clinic. In addition, teachers are able and encouraged to continue their professional development through the University’s generous tuition waiver.