Clinic Tuition & Registration

Educational therapy by sensitive and supportive clinicians provides students with a positive educational experience that bolsters student confidence and assists students in the development of their identities as learners. Students also make measurable progress in their academic skills and ability to use learning strategies. We at RLI are proud of our success rate.

The Clinic fee per session is $105 with a $150 report fee.

Contact Polly Mayer, Clinic Director at (510) 436-1104 or, to request a registration form.

  • Or download and print a registration form.
  • Complete and return RLI registration form.
  • Forward records, testing results, evaluations to RLI.
  • Once the file has been created, RLI will match your student with a clinician.
  • Both RLI and the clinician will then contact you directly.
  • The signed contract, along with a deposit for services, must be returned before sessions can begin.

Please note, priority registration is given to past participants in the program. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.