Clinic Staff

Raskob Clinical Staff

Chalkboard ImageRaskob Clinic is staffed with a highly qualified and certificated staff of learning specialists. Our instructors have Educational Therapy Certificates, Special Education teaching credentials and/or Masters Degrees. They all receive extensive supervision and training from our Clinic Supervisors and the Clinic Director. Clinicians are matched with students based on client needs, age and the Clinician’s area of expertise. Because of their strong background and extensive experience in the field of learning disabilities, Raskob Clinicians are also able to conduct informal academic assessments, develop highly individual academic remediation plans, and write professional progress reports at the end of each session.

Raskob clinicians do not use a “one size fits all” approach to remediation and academic support. Instead, Raskob clinicians draw on significant resources of both the Clinic and the Raskob Day School, an elementary and middle school program for students with learning differences, to design individualized curricula to support students in learning and employing strategies in their areas of academic need. Clinicians collaborate and consult with teachers, allied professionals, parents and caregivers to help students apply strategies in their classrooms. The many intervention programs that educational therapists and clinicians use include Wilson Language Systems, Slingerland, Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell and Making Math Real.

For further information about the Raskob Clinic, please contact Clinic Coordinator, Dr. Esther Cohen, at .