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Educational Therapy Overview

Raskob Learning Institute (RLI), established in 1953, is one of the oldest continuously operating programs for children and adults with learning disabilities in California. The Raskob Clinic provides support in a variety of areas including reading, comprehension, written expression, and math, as well as assistance with executive functioning skills to include time management, test preparation and study skills, and organizational skills. Educational therapy by sensitive and supportive clinicians provides students with a positive educational experience that bolsters student confidence and assists students in the development of their identities as learners. Students make measurable progress in their academic skills and ability to use learning strategies.

Educational therapy sessions typically occur after school, but may take place during the school day. Each session is 50 minutes and students are typically seen twice a week for a semester. While students typically meet with clinicians in quiet, private rooms at our clinic located on Holy Names University campus, our services are flexible. Clinicians may also meet with clients at their school site. Sessions can also be delivered remotely.

Each session is $125 with an additional $225 fee for the final progress report.

The Raskob Clinic operates throughout the school year with a more intensive daily schedule offered during the 6-week summer program.

Clinic Staff and Instructional Approach

Educational therapists earn graduate level training in learning disabilities and the underlying issues that contribute to them. Raskob Clinic educational therapists have a certificate in educational therapy and/or a Master’s degree in educational therapy or a related educational field, such as special education.
Educational therapy interns are studying in the Educational Therapy Program at Holy Names University, and have almost completed their training. They work with clients at a reduced rate. The availability of educational therapy interns varies each semester.

Clinicians are matched with students based on their needs, age and the clinician’s area of expertise. Because of their strong background and extensive experience in the field of learning disabilities, Raskob clinicians are able to conduct informal academic assessments, develop highly individual academic r plans, and write professional progress reports at the end of each session. Raskob clinicians draw on significant resources of both the Raskob Clinic and the Raskob Day School, an elementary and middle school program for students with learning differences, to design individualized curricula to support students in employing strategies in their areas of academic need. Clinicians collaborate and consult with teachers, allied professionals, parents and caregivers to help students apply strategies in their classrooms. The many intervention programs that the educational therapists and clinicians may use include Wilson Language Systems, Slingerland, Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell and Making Math Real. Instruction is individualized, prescriptive, and multi-sensory.

Diagnostic Services

The Raskob Clinic also offers comprehensive diagnostic neuropsychological evaluations conducted by Dr. Mary Cunningham in Dr. Cunningham’s private office or in some cases, on the Raskob campus.

The evaluations include measures of cognitive functioning, academic skills, visuo-spatial skills, auditory skills, language, memory, learning, attention, executive functions (including speed of information processing), and affective status.  While all assessments include measures within each of these areas, the specific battery is adapted to the needs of each student.

The cost is $5200 for three sessions of testing of 2.5 hours each and one session in which the final report is reviewed, and recommendations discussed with the parents.  The evaluations are very comprehensive, and the recommendations are very specific and tailored to the individual child.

For further information about the Raskob Clinic, please contact Clinic Coordinator, Dr. Esther Cohen, at ecohen@hnu.edu.

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