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RaskoblettersRaskob Learning Institute (RLI), established in 1953, is one of the oldest continuously operating programs for children and adults with learning disabilities in California. RLI’s outstanding educational therapy service provides highly individualized diagnostic-prescriptive teaching. Students can receive remediation in a variety of areas, including reading basics, comprehension, composition, and math as well as assistance with study and organization skills.

While clients typically meet with clinicians in quiet, private rooms at our clinic located on Holy Names University campus, our services are flexible. Clinicians may also meet with clients at their school site. An additional fee is attached to services rendered off site.

Educational therapists earn graduate level training in learning disabilities and the underlying issues that contribute to them. Raskob Clinic educational therapists have a certificate in educational therapy and/or a Masters degree in educational therapy or a related educational field, such as special education.

Educational therapy interns are studying in the Educational Therapy Program at Holy Names University, and have almost completed their training. They work with clients at a reduced rate. The availability of educational therapy interns varies each semester.

Educational therapy sessions typically occur after school, but may take place during the school day. Each session is 55 minutes and students are typically seen twice a week. Some students are seen daily. RLI operates year round with three semester sessions: Fall, Spring, and Summer.