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Raskob Day School

Reading/Reading Decoding: Students practice basic sound/symbol associations, including short and long vowels, blends and digraphs, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, through creative activities and games. Teacher is trained in multi-sensory reading approaches (such as Orton- Gillingham, Slingerland, Lindamood-Bell or Wilson), but additional multi-sensory approaches to reading will be used as well. Fluency practice incorporating games, and reader’s theater will be part of the class.

Math Concepts/Skills: With an intensive focus on multiplication and on fractions, students learn and/or review basic math concepts. Word problem strategies and practice are included in both sessions. In addition, by using manipulatives and playing games, students have an opportunity to develop confidence, fluency and speed through fun-filled, low stress activities.

Reading Comprehension (middle school): Students learn strategies to support reading comprehension, through readers’ theater, previewing, board games that teach inference skills, context clues, sequencing, and cause and effect. Older students analyze fiction and non-fiction texts for main ideas, themes and practice summarizing techniques.

Test-taking Strategies and Skills (middle school)
With a focus on developing executive function skills that support successful test-taking such as organization, time management and anxiety reduction, students practice taking tests in a supportive, low-stakes environment.

Creative Writing
This class focuses on writing pieces with coherent themes, supporting sentences, examples on themes of the students’ choosing, writing and editing in different genres. Examples of different kinds of writing, such as humor, mystery, science fiction etc. are used as models to spark the creative juices!

Written Language Instruction
This “nuts and bolts” class offers practice in the basics: from punctuation and capitalization, to sentence and paragraph construction and/or essay writing. Diana Hanbury King’s Writing Skills series (EPS) forms the backbone of this class.

Pragmatic Language/Social Skills * Additional fee for this class *
Working with a speech and language therapists, students in this class practice conversing with one another, and solving mock social difficulties. In a supportive, therapeutic environment, they have an opportunity to engage with peers with helpful and instructive facilitation.