Students Gathered Around A Piano


Reading/Reading Decoding: Students practice basic sound/symbol associations, including short and long vowels, blends and digraphs, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, through creative activities and games. Teacher is trained in multi-sensory reading approaches (such as Orton-Gillingham, Slingerland, Lindamood-Bell or Wilson), but additional multi-sensory approaches to reading will be used as well. Fluency practice incorporating games, and reader’s theater will be part of the class.

Math Concepts/Skills: With an intensive focus on multiplication and on fractions, students learn and/or review basic math concepts. Word problem strategies and practice are included in both sessions. In addition, by using manipulatives and playing games, students have an opportunity to develop confidence, fluency and speed through fun-filled, low stress activities.

Reading Comprehension (middle school):

Students learn strategies to support reading comprehension, through readers’ theater, previewing, board games that teach inference skills, context clues, sequencing, and cause and effect. Older students analyze fiction and non-fiction texts for main ideas, themes and practice summarizing techniques.

Test-taking Strategies and Skills (middle school)

With a focus on developing executive function skills that support successful test-taking such as organization, time management and anxiety reduction, students practice taking tests in a supportive, low-stakes environment.

Creative Writing

This class focuses on writing pieces with coherent themes, supporting sentences, examples on themes of the students’ choosing, writing and editing in different genres. Examples of different kinds of writing, such as humor, mystery, science fiction etc. are used as models to spark the creative juices!

Written Language Instruction

This “nuts and bolts” class offers practice in the basics: from punctuation and capitalization, to sentence and paragraph construction and/or essay writing. Diana Hanbury King’s Writing Skills series (EPS) forms the backbone of this class.

Pragmatic Language/Social Skills * Additional fee for this class *

Working with a speech and language therapists, students in this class practice conversing with one another, and solving mock social difficulties. In a supportive, therapeutic environment, they have an opportunity to engage with peers with helpful and instructive facilitation.(Individual Speech and Language therapy is also available for an additional fee. Students generally attend twice weekly, thirty minute, sessions during part of their enrichment class.)

Raskob Summer Program 2018

Enrichment Classes

Music: Vocal and Rhythm and Composition

No experience necessary! No auditions! Students will have an opportunity to sing both classic and popular songs, learning the basics of harmony and part singing. Research has shown that singing together activates centers in the brain related to feeling calm and centered.

In addition, in the grand, “Bang on a Can” tradition, students have an opportunity to practice basic rhythms with percussion instruments, moving towards composing more complex pieces in an ensemble setting. Practice with pattern and repetition help solidify the experience of learning beats from around the globe!

Art Projects

What could be more delightful for the artistically inclined than making art every day? Research has shown a strong connection between creativity and innovative thinking! Projects range from papier mache puppets and bead-making to yarn art and collage. Students receive individual sketchbooks to record their creative inspirations, and all other art materials are provided.

Keyboarding Skills

Mavis Beacon is a typing program to help students learn essential keyboarding skills and improve overall typing efficiency. This comprehensive instructional system combines detailed assessments, dynamic personal instruction and skill-building games to guarantee typing improvements while having fun! Students will work at their own pace, while reaching measured goals each week. Progress will be tracked electronically, and skills are developed in a fun and engaging environment. Students practice responding to writing prompts to practically apply their developing keyboarding skills.

Health and Fitness

Using the beautiful, verdant Holy Names Campus, as the outdoor fitness lab, students will learn about healthy habits in exercise and nutrition. Cardio fitness exercises will be incorporated into each session, with fun games like Capture the Flag and Basketball included!


Through cooperative games and activities, students will have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, in a supportive, facilitated environment. The text The 6 Success Factors for Children with Learning Disabilities from The Frostig Center in LA provides the basis for many of the activities.

Board and Card Game Fiesta

To support and develop pragmatic language skills, this class goes “old school!” Monopoly, Life, Parcheesi, Mankala, all the old favorites are here, as well as new ones! Research has shown that playing board games helps students develop and strengthen their reasoning abilities. Card games galore will also be included. Students can learn the games or come and practice and refine skills.


Summarizing is typically one of the most difficult tasks for students with language-based learning challenges. Using the text Show Me a Story: Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling, students will have a chance to learn traditional fairy tales, fables and myths to tell, as well as to write their own. This might be a great class to pair with one of the writing classes!

Dance & Movement

Guest teaching artists from Get Empowered teach capoeira and hip hop classes to students. These classes help students with executive function skills, such as organization, following directions, and planning, while enjoying movement and dance activities.