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Raskob’s Partnership with Children’s Hospital Oakland

Since last June, Raskob Learning Institute and Day School has had the pleasure/privilege of hosting pediatric residents from Children’s Hospital Oakland at our site. The doctors, in groups of two or three, come to Raskob to take a tour, and learn about the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities. Their visits are part of a class that they take “Community Advocacy Primary Care Rotation.” Raskob is one of many sites they visit that serve children in the East Bay.

The doctors have been delighted to see the healthy students. In addition, through conversations with Executive Director Edith Ben Ari and Clinic Director Polly Mayer, they learn about the possible “red flags” for learning issues that they may encounter when seeing children in their own pediatric practices and clinics. Some of these symptoms may include a reluctance to go to school, as well as chronic stomach aches and headaches. The doctors are grateful to learn about the issues that arise when children struggle in the classroom, and about the abundance of resources and support available to children and their families in the community.

Each doctor leaves with a folder filled with articles, referral sources, and a brief bibliography of websites and books about learning issues.