Raskob Day School and Learning Institute is a non-profit organization that serves the Bay Area community by providing services for students and adults with learning differences. The Institute is comprised of three Programs: the Day School, the Clinic and the Diagnostic Program.

Raskob Day School is a Comprehensive Academic Program that serves bright students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, grades 2-8. The Clinic Program offers 1:1 Educational Therapy for students and adults, and will be starting a Reading Clinic designed for 1st and 2nd graders struggling in reading. Finally, the Diagnostic Program offers comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and evaluation for children and adults.

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Day School Application Packet

For Clinic Program information please contact Polly Mayer at 510-436-1104 or Mayer@hnu.edu

Day School (grades 2-8)

Raskob Day School is a co-educational school for students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds with language-based learning disabilities. Raskob seeks to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of each student while remediating areas of academic weakness through individualized curriculums and multi-sensory teaching approaches.

  • Full academic program serving bright children with language based learning disabilities (LD) and/ or other academic difficulties - grades 2-8
  • Staffed by credentialed teachers and learning specialists
  • Small class size (student/teacher ratio - 6:1)
  • Certified by State Department of Education as a Non-Public School
  • WASC Accredited                         
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Tutoring/Educational Therapy

The Clinic offers year-round, individualized Educational Therapy in all subject areas to students who may need supplemental academic support. Clinicians collaborate with the classroom teacher and family so as to best support a student in the application and transfer of skills.

  • Private or small group intensive educational therapy
  • Multi-sensory approach tailored to each student's needs
  • Experienced clinicians
  • Fall/Spring/Summer sessions
  • Outreach program to local private schools
  • Consultation and in-service training
  • Reading Clinic for early readers grades 1-2


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Summer Program

Summer Program offers a full day program of learning through individual educational therapy, small group instruction, multi-sensory teaching, and project-based learning. It combines an integrated individualized academic program that accelerates and remediates academic learning with enrichment activities and opportunities for boosting children’s self esteem.

Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy is offered as supplemental to the regular programs for an additional fee.

Summer Program Application
Informational Flyer
Class Descriptions
Clinic Application Form
Credit Card Authorization Form

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The Diagnostic Program provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations conducted by a licensed neuropsychologist that cover the areas of cognition, academics, processing, executive functioning, memory, and social/emotional issues. Assessments typically occur on two visits, and a final written evaluation report is usually completed within 4-6 weeks of the final visit. At that time, the family will have a meeting with the Diagnostic team to discuss any questions, recommendations, or referrals that may come up as a result of testing.

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